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About Us

Who We Are

Climate Education Reform BC is a student-led movement advocating for climate change education in British Columbia. Across the province, each of our team members has noticed the lack of consistent attention climate change has received within our schools. As a result, we are leading the Reform to Transform campaign. 

Our vision is to see the effective implementation of climate change education that fully addresses the complexities of this topic and prepares students to fight climate change. All students need to understand how environmental wellbeing intersects with our society, health, economy, and security, and how climate change - and our own inaction - impacts our population, particularly those most vulnerable. Further, there needs to be an emphasis on forward-thinking and optimism for the future; this means illuminating solutions and possible pathways to a sustainable future. Climate change education will prove to be vital in guiding students’ mindsets and behaviour, equipping future leaders to create a more sustainable world for all

Our Vision

Meaning of Reform To Transform

Our campaign name, ‘Reform to Transform’, reflects two intentions we set for our organization: first, to dismantle oppressive and outdated systems, and second, to transform our society through education. This name embodies our purpose to reform both BC’s curriculum and our collective mindsets in order to make long-overdue changes toward a more equitable future for all.

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